Comparing Car Insurance Rates

Are you looking to purchase auto insurance? Understand that not all car insurance rates are the same. Some offer more benefits while others offer different prices. It is worthwhile to take out time to study the different car insurance rates before making your choice. There are so many things to put into consideration before deciding on a particular insurance. Use to compare insurance rates.

Company Ratings

Conduct your research and find out the company with the best customer reviews. You need to hook up with only companies that have great reviews from customers. If these reviews are not present, then it may be that the company is new of their service is not too good. Whichever is the case, the company may not be right for you.

Compare Discounts

What are the differences in their discounts? Companies will have different discounts depending on what is included in their services and the customer satisfaction policy. Some companies have very few discounts while some others have multiple discounts. Of course, those with multiple discounts have to be considered first. Some of the discounts you should expect include safe vehicle discount, senior citizen discount, multiple car discount, good driver discount, and good student discount.

Price Comparison

Not all companies offer the same price. Some will be cheaper while some will be more expensive. It will be better to compare the same plans. That way, you will able to know which company is giving you the best price. You can begin by comparing a comprehensive insurance coverage of some of the companies and then compare the single liability plan.

Compare Extra Features

Most insurance companies these days include extra features in their plans to entice customers. Some companies that offer higher prices usually include some extra features, which explain why their rate may be higher than others. Different companies have different features. Compare these extra features and find out which one best suit your needs. Most times the car insurance rates reflect on the features offered by the insurance company. If you feel you don’t need those features, you can opt for companies that don’t include them or just ask them to remove them if it will make the rates cheaper.

However, it will be better to find an insurance company that provides all the services you want to make things easier for you. Car insurance coverage is not something you rush into without making the necessary research. Make sure you check out different car insurance rates before taking any decision.

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Do Not Go Over the Speed Limit

Apart from getting on the wrong side of law, over speeding is very risky and wastes a lot of gas. You will be risking your life and the people around you. It doesn’t really pay in any way to go over the speed limit. So, if you are looking for ways to stop over-speeding, here are some tips.

Make use of the “speed control” option in your car to help you curtail the way you speed. The use of speed control will automatically adjust the level of speed and reduce your urge to drive faster. As you are diving, you need to keep looking at the speedometer anytime you notice you are increasing your pace. Sometimes, we might be pushing the car (especially new cars) further and don’t realize it. Keep your eyes on the speedometer while watching the road to check your speed level.

Always make it a point of duty to drive under the speed limit anytime you are on the road. Most drivers think that a lesser speed limit will significantly reduce their travel time. But it is wrong. Even if you maintain 10km/h, your travel time won’t be delayed much. It is better to keep the speed at a moderately low level than pushing it beyond the required speed limit.

Inculcate the habit of leaving earlier. Most people go over their speed limit because they are in a hurry and don’t want to be late. Do not try to make up lost time by over-speeding on the road. This is a really bad idea because you can actually prepare on time and hit the road earlier. This will help you stay relaxed and maintain your speed limit.

Try to get yourself relaxed and busy by playing soft music instead of hard rock. This will keep you in a quiet mood when on the road. You are more likely to speed when your brain is charged up by the vibrating mood that a hard rock provides.

Try to get a slower car. Some vehicles are designed to run slow to preserve fuel. Apart from the benefit of maintaining an average speed limit, you will be saving a lot on fuel consumption as well. Also, slower cars tend to be less expensive than their fast counterparts. So, it will be a win-win situation for you.
If driving is not a sport for you, there is no sense going over the speed limit when on the road. Even if you are into car racing, over-speeding while on a normal road and without any competition is highly very dangerous, not only to you but to other drivers on the road. Do not go over the speed limit because it is better late than never.

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Defense Spending – The World’s Leading Military Spenders

Defense spending, or what is most commonly known as military expenditure, is a total of financial resources channeled to the development and maintenance of a country’s armed forces. In most countries, expense on defense takes the highest quota of their yearly budget. This is not surprising considering that all governments want to be well protected and maintain their sovereignty.

Expense on defense mostly reflects the level of aggression an entity wishes to employ or how strongly it perceives the possibility of external threats. It equally shows how much is needed for next year’s budget. Other factors that determine the extent of defense spending include the size of the entity’s overall budget, the defense needs of the entity, and the willingness of the people or entity to fund such activity. Budgets such as expenses on disabled veterans, rehabilitation and internal law enforcement are generally not included in defense spending.
A country with a small military spending will always have a weak defense. And there are some countries that spend quite more than others because of their size and the foreign policy objectives. Countries like the United States, China, Russia, Japan, and United Kingdom are the largest spenders when it comes to military expenses.

It is not surprising that the highest military spenders in the world (United States, France, United Kingdom, Russia, and China) are all recognized as world powers. Each of them equally has veto powers in the UN’s Security Council, which began operating at the end of the Second World War. Other countries like Japan and Saudi Arabia are increasing their defense spending on a yearly basis and can leapfrog some of the top five spenders in the nearest future. China’s high defense spending is partly because of the size of their military personnel. The United States as the largest defense spenders accounts for about 50% of the world’s defense spending. They have been at the top for several decades and are expected to stay at the top of world military spenders for more decades to come, based on current events.

Countries have witnessed more than average military spending during wars and civil unrest. World War I, World War II, and the Golf War all saw an escalation of defense expenses in countries that were involved. Several political and economic debates have argued about the relevance or importance of high defense spending by an entity. While some believe that expenditure on a nation’s defense leads to economic improvement of lives and the safeguard of property, some others believe other more important indices of economic growth and development are sacrificed in order to provide more fund for defense.

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NSA Spying – An Invasion Of Privacy Or A Good Measure Over Security Concern?

Since 2001, the United States government and other top secret agencies including AT&T have been involved with series of surveillance of communication records and domestic communications of millions of American citizens. They use high powered software to spy on the domestic records of individuals over the internet. The most prominent of these spying of the private data of individuals is by National Security Agency (NSA). This development has drawn the interest of several human right groups and other social activities, and with the role of the press, efforts have been made to divert government surveillance programs to within what is obtainable in the constitution.

In 2005, a press report revealed that the NSA has been intercepting individuals’ internet communications and phone calls. This News report equally revealed that the NSA also receives private information of American citizens through several other means. The surveillance activities are against the privacy safeguards that were established by both the US Constitution and the British Congress. Earlier in 2006, Mark Klein (a former technician with AT&T) obtained strong evidence that showed the illegality of AT&T surveillance. The unquestionable evidence indicated that AT&T set up a fiberoptic surveillance which tracks all the emails and information people exchange over the internet and then send copies of this surveillance to the NSA. Apart from the local internet activities of its customers, the surveillance also includes international activities done by its customers over the internet.

Towards May 2013, Washington Post and the Guardian began publishing some articles that contain series of surveillance government documents which confirmed the reported cases in 2005. The reports showed that the NSA is collecting secrete information entered by internet users over the internet. The reports equally confirmed that the NSA is collecting phone metadata from several US customers in pretext of the Patriot Act.

NSA spying on the privacy of individuals has drawn condemnation across several quarters. Since the privacy of these affected individuals is breached, one vital aspect of their fundamental human rights is compromised. This is the major reason for the continued effort to thwart and stop the NSA spying on people’s private data and records.
However, some other groups believe that the spying activities of the NSA are justifiable considering the role they play in ensuring security in the state. In their opinion, the NSA can detect a security situation that needs urgent address before such situations become malignant and catastrophic to the society.

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